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Welcome to the official website of Chelin Sanjuan

“… the art of Chelin Sanjuan stands out above all for his careful technique, his drawing is clean, with a firm and sure stroke, as well as dynamic, with a balanced and serene use of color, which tends towards warm colors It unfolds naturally in both the most realistic pictorial lines, and in more imaginative and surrealist terrains, each painting is a unique, magical, intimate world, with hidden elements and transparent forms that blend smoothly.

It is interesting the endearing relationship between his characters, women, children and animals, especially cats, there is always a point of humor hidden in his canvases. A figurative art, of clear and resounding forms, but delicate in the subjects and always happy in the contents, without a doubt very personal style, that is not influenced by the gestural and pseudodecorative artistic fashions. “A flower in the deserts,” I thought the first time I saw his work. “